Meet Mr. Cat.

Mr. Cat has been harassing me since day 1 I moved into my new apartment in Hendersonville, TN. See, the thing is Mr. Cat is no ordinary cat. No sir… Mr. Cat wants to be friends. So much so that the first time we met, Mr. Cat dashed into my apartment uninvited and was so rude that he started snooping into my closets. The day the movers arrived with my possessions, Mr. Cat greeted me at the door and ran inside again, trying to find anything he could that he hadnt seen before. I think Mr. Cat even made some snide comments regarding my interior decorating skills. 

Everynight if I leave my apartment to head towards my car, it wouldnt be strange or out of the ordinary for me to see Mr. Cat waiting for me on my vehicle. Sometimes when Mr. Cat is lonely he tends to scratch on my door to try and see if he could invite himself in… but i know better. 

I think Mr. Cat and I have set some boundaries and have come to a mutual understanding that we can be just friends at best. I dont want to come in between Mr. Cat and his prior relationships nor do I want to start one with an individual that may not be over some of his other relationships. So Mr. Cat, i’ll occasionally pour you some milk and pet you… but please…. stop scratching on my damn door. 

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